Why the Starmer strategy won’t work

On Good Friday, the leader of the Labour Party expressed his support for Jesus House; not a musical genre, sadly, but a church that formed the backdrop to this year’s Easter photo-op.

While Sir Keith was there, he took the time to praise the church for its good work/Good Work and spent some time in prayer with the pastor. So far so unremarkable.

Yet there was a twist in this humdrum PR stunt. It turned out that the church had been in the news before, when a different party leader, one Theresa May, had…

Say what you like about your average religious bigot, but they are generally fairly comfortable owning up to their evil. They don’t think it’s evil, you see, to suggest that trans people are an abomination and will be going to hell, so they see no reason to disassemble.

This is extremely helpful to the rest of us, as it means we can generally see these people coming and stay out of their way, or call the police, as required. …

I’m Dora. I’m 46 and a transgender woman. All of these things are true, and they will remain true, whether you approve or agree.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. This was after two long sessions of analysis with a psychiatrist. I had been referred to him by my GP. The psychiatrist in turn referred me to a Gender Identity Clinic.

In the UK, these clinics provide assessment, support and treatment for those suffering from gender dysphoria. They are staffed by dedicated, hard working medical experts; psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychiatric nurses. They are chronically underfunded. …

Stop. Just, please, stop. Leave trans people alone.

I am not talking to the sick individuals who physically attack trans women. I am not even speaking to the religious extremists who see trans women as less than human and who do all they can to drive us into the shadows.

I’m not talking to them, because it would be a waste of time. I’m talking to the rest of you. …

JK Rowling is a transphobe. This will not come as a surprise to anyone who has being paying attention, or to the many trans people who tried to tell you.

Does it matter what she thinks? Well, no. Within the confines of your own cranium, you are free to harbour all manner of ideas, some monstrous, some harmless, some ridiculous. For instance, I hate tuna and I hate anyone who would voluntarily put it on a sandwich. I stand by this hatred. I embrace it internally. One the one hand, it serves as a handy rule for dividing the world…

Pandora Hughes

She/her. LGBTQ issues, politics, culture.

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